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What is the Difference Between an Allegation of Professional Negligence VS. Ordinary Negligence?

In past Bulletins, I have focused on the requirement of experts in any case alleging professional negligence.  An expert for the [...]

Nursing Staff’s Professional Negligence Causes Death of Patient

Lloyd Thomas, seventy-one, underwent bypass surgery and was hospitalized for eighty-four days after the surgery due to complications.  [...]

Failure to Meet the Basic Safety Needs of a Patient

As a certified/licensed nurse’s aide, you are involved in many aspects of your patients’ care. You are essential to your co-workers, [...]

Ohio Appellate Court Nursing Care Evaluation

Recently, an Ohio Appellate Court evaluated a nurse’s care of the deceased patient which was one of the central issues in the case.1

Home Health Care Nursing – Good Communication is Essential

There are many legal concerns/issues in the delivery of home health care. One of the most important is the necessity of open, [...]

What is an “Unresonable and Foreseeable Risk of Harm” to a Patient

You may remember that in one of the earliest Bulletins, I wrote about professional negligence and that one of the overall duties of a [...]

What is a Nurse Manager’s Liability for Patient Care?

I often get questions about being a “charge nurse” or being a nurse manager on a unit. Many of the nurses who ask this question are [...]

Who Can Be Named in a Suit?

In the last Professional Liability Bulletin, a case adapted from Galvez v. Loma Linda University Medical Center was presented. Several [...]

You be the Jury #1

In previous bulletins, topics such as professional negligence, liability, and the burden of proof have been covered. It might be [...]