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Nursing Staff’s Professional Negligence Causes Death of Patient

Lloyd Thomas, seventy-one, underwent bypass surgery and was hospitalized for eighty-four days after the surgery due to complications.  [...]

Nursing Students Need Professional Liability Insurance, Too

Deciding that you want to pursue a career in nursing is both challenging and exciting. As you make your way through nursing school, [...]

What is Precedent?

In the legal world, the term precedent is an extremely important one. Defined as “a decided case that furnishes a basis for determining [...]

What is Personal Jurisdiction?

Jurisdiction is generally defined as the authority by which a court recognizes and decides cases.1 The regulations defining the many [...]

Delegation of Medical Administration

Delegation of patient care is a constant requirement when caring for patients. Doing so within the parameters of the “Five Rights of [...]

Multistate Licensure

You may have applied for and were granted nursing licenses in several states as you moved to a new state, started a new job, or [...]

Professional Malpractice or Simple Negligence?

When a patient is injured or dies due to the conduct of health care providers, the question of whether the conduct was [...]