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Was the Extubation of the Patient the Cause of her Death?

In last month’s bulletin, Miller v. Markowitz, Dalecki and Memorial Hospital For Cancer & Allied Disease, 1 was reviewed with a focus [...]

What is a Nurse Manager’s Liability for Patient Care?

I often get questions about being a “charge nurse” or being a nurse manager on a unit. Many of the nurses who ask this question are [...]

Defenses to a Professional Negligence Suit

The statute of limitations, discussed in an earlier bulletin, is one of the defenses to a professional negligence action. A second, [...]

You be the Jury #4

It is time to discover what happened in the real case upon which the adopted case in the bulletin was based. The actual ending is [...]

You be the Jury #1

In previous bulletins, topics such as professional negligence, liability, and the burden of proof have been covered. It might be [...]

Professional Negligence: A Brief Primer

The first Bulletin covered the topic of liability and briefly discussed a nurse licensee’s potential involvement in several types of [...]