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Reminders and Information to Avoid Liability

Advertisements by licensed mental health practitioners must not be false, fraudulent, misleading or deceptive. Care should therefore be [...]


Mental health practitioners and health care entities must determine whether or not they are “covered providers” or “covered entities” [...]


Advocate – Health care practitioners do not typically think of themselves as advocates for their patients. They are treatment [...]

Conflicts – Treating Multiple Members of a Family

Many mental health practitioners treat more than one member of a family, either concurrently or consecutively. This occurs most [...]

A Brief Review of Some Duties and Requirements

What are the various duties or obligations of a licensed mental health practitioner? Are there both legal duties and ethical duties, [...]

Treating Children – Selected Legal Issues

Therapists and counselors treat children both with and without the consent of one or both parents. It is not uncommon for practitioners [...]

Privileged Communications

It is critical for counselors and therapists to know whether or not they are covered by the psychotherapist-patient privilege (or a [...]

Privileged Communications

Assuming that the psychotherapist-patient privilege (or similarly titled privilege) exists in your state for your license or [...]

Privileged Communications

… If you are covered by the psychotherapist-patient privilege or a similarly titled privilege, be sure to find out if the privilege [...]

Privilege and Confidentiality

… It is important to know the difference between confidentiality and privilege. If you do, you will be less likely to get into trouble. [...]


… Typically, the holder of the privilege is the patient and not the therapist or counselor. Thus, the privilege can be claimed [...]

Joint Holders of the Privilege – Meaning and Implications

There are many circumstances where more than one person will be seen in therapy or counseling, such as in couple counseling or family [...]