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Nursing Students Need Professional Liability Insurance, Too

Deciding that you want to pursue a career in nursing is both challenging and exciting. As you make your way through nursing school, [...]

But I Have A Group Insurance Policy At Work? Why Nurses Need An Individual Plan

With the recent boom in the healthcare industry, nurses are now in high demand! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the [...]

The Liability Of Being An Employed Nurse

As a professional nurse you probably already know that you can be sued at a moment’s notice for any reason. You’ll experience a gamut [...]

What is Personal Jurisdiction?

Jurisdiction is generally defined as the authority by which a court recognizes and decides cases.1 The regulations defining the many [...]

Case Study Part 1 – June 2015

I’m sure you have all had to care for “problem” patients during your nursing practice. Sometimes you are tempted to ignore their [...]

Failure to Meet the Basic Safety Needs of a Patient

As a certified/licensed nurse’s aide, you are involved in many aspects of your patients’ care. You are essential to your co-workers, [...]

What is Risk Management and How Does it Help Me?

The June 1st bulletin discussed certification in the area of your nursing specialty as one example of risk management.  You may be most [...]