Malpractice Insurance for Health & Wellness Professionals

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Malpractice Liability Insurance

Health and Wellness professionals across the country trust CPH and Associates for their professional liability insurance. A policy with CPH provides peace of mind, so you can focus on providing your clients the highest quality service.

We promise:

  • Real-time online application: Individual policy documents are issued in minutes, as long as you’re approved
  • No phone menus: You’ll connect with a licensed agent within two rings
  • Premium credits: 50% part-time employment status credit, 50% newly licensed or certified professional credit

Our Health & Wellness program protects more than 100 occupations across the below areas of practice. Applicants are able to add multiple modalities under one policy, subject to underwriting approval.

Allied Health

  • Medical Technicians, Anesthesia Technologist, Orthopedic Technicians, Phlebotomist, etc.
  • Body Work & Massage

  • Acupuncturist, Chiropractic Assistant, Massage Therapist, Reiki, etc.
  • Dental

  • Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Dental Student
  • Pharmacy

  • Pharmacist, Pharmacist Assitant, Pharmacist Technician, Retail Druggist, Student
  • Wellness & Fitness

  • Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, Nutritionists, etc
  • Coverage Highlights

    Professional Liability (Coverage A)

    • Coverage for amounts you are legally obligated to pay to compensate others for damages resulting from your wrongful act in the rendering or failing to render professional services that result in injury.
    • Defense outside limits.

    Premises Liability (Coverage B)

    • Coverage for those amounts you are legally obligated to pay to patients for damages resulting from bodily injury arising out of an event on premises used principally while performing your professional services as a Healthcare Professional.
    • Up to $500 for property damage to personal property of others in your care, custody or control while performing your professional services as a Healthcare Professional.

    Personal Injury Liability (Coverage C)

    • Coverage for amounts you are legally obligated to pay to compensate others for damages resulting from your personal injury offense, to someone other than your patient, for an offense arising solely out of the performance of your professional services as a Healthcare Professional.

    Good Samaritan Acts (Coverage D)

    • Coverage for amounts you are legally obligated to pay to compensate others for damages resulting from your personal injury offense, to someone other than your patient, for an offense arising solely out of the performance of your professional services as a Healthcare Professional.

    Assault Upon You (Coverage E):

    • $25,000 Aggregate Limit

    Expense you incur for bodily injury and property damage to you resulting from an assault upon you while performing your duties as a Healthcare Professional.

    First Aid (Coverage F):

    • $15,000 Aggregate Limit

    Expenses you incur for first aid rendered to others as a result of a covered claim of bodily injury.

    Medical Payments (Coverage G):

    • $25,000 Per Incident / $100,000 Aggregate Limit

    Necessary medical expenses, regardless of fault, incurred from an accident resulting from an event causing bodily injury to a patient on premises you principally use while performing professional services as a Healthcare Professional.

    Deposition Fees (Coverage H):

    • $10,000 Aggregate Limit

    Payment of fees, costs and expenses necessary to represent you at a deposition involving a covered wrongful act, which you are required to attend but are not named as a party in the claim or suit. (Excluding expert witness services)

    Administrative Hearing Expense

    • $25,000 Per Incident / $100,000 Aggregate Limit

    Defense costs arising out of a covered incident incurred to defend you at a covered Disciplinary, Licensure or similar Administrative Proceedings, Medicare/Medicaid Billing Errors arising from your rendering or failure to render professional services, while performing professional services as a Healthcare Professional to a patient.

    Sexual Misconduct Expense

    • $25,000 Aggregate Limit

    For damages arising from covered claims against you involving any actual or alleged sexual misconduct or physical contact, or attempt thereat arising from your professional services as a Healthcare Professional to a patient unless it is determined it was an intentional act.

    Loss of Earnings

    • $2,500 Per Incident / $35,000 Aggregate Limit

    Your loss of earnings and reasonable expenses related to the defense or investigation of a covered claim or potential claim resulting from your attendance at a required proceeding, hearing or trial.

    HIPAA Proceedings

    • $25,000 Aggregate Limit

    We will pay up to $25,000 of your expenses, charged by an attorney selected by us, which includes other reasonable costs, expenses or fees resulting from the investigation or defense of a HIPAA Proceeding, but only if in final adjudication such allegations are found to be false or unfounded. IMPORTANT NOTICE: This coverage summary is provided for informational purposes only. Additional exclusions and conditions apply. Please read the policy carefully.

    Optional General Liability

    Commercial General Liability Insurance provides bodily injury and property damage liability protection. Coverage is available as an add on to your Medical Protective Professional Liability Insurance Policy at limits of $1,000,000/$3,000,000. Rates vary by state.

    To add Commercial General Liability Insurance to your policy please complete the supplemental application below. Please send the completed supplemental application to

    General Liability Supplemental Application

    Our Insurance Carrier

    The Medical Protective Company (MedPro)*

    Coverage for fitness professionals under the CPH program is underwritten by Medical Protective, rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best. As the nation’s oldest provider of healthcare malpractice liability insurance, Medical Protective has been protecting the assets and reputations of doctors and other healthcare providers for over 100 years.

    Beginning in 1899, a group of physicians in Fort Wayne, Indiana banded together to form a group to help defend themselves from a growing phenomenon –professional medical liability lawsuits. As the group grew, the physicians realized that the insurance business was better handled full time by experts. While they kept their influence within the company, they handed over the reins to Byron H. Somers and Charles M. Niezer. By 1925, Medical Protective became the largest insurer of healthcare providers.

    Medical Protective was a family owned company for almost a century. In 1998 General Electric acquired Medical Protective only to sell most of their insurance holdings within the next eight years. Medical Protective found its ideal owner in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in 2005.

    Medical Protective is proud to defend the reputation and assets of over 140,000 healthcare providers. When you need protection you need strength, and that’s exactly what MedPro provides! Medical Protective, a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, is rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best and is the only medical malpractice carrier who has endured all three medmal crises and through it all has provided superior protection to its insureds. Coverage with Medical Protective includes the following benefits: Occurrence Coverage, Employed and Self-Employed Options, HIPAA Defense Coverage, License and Deposition Coverage – all at affordable prices.**

    For more information about MedPro’s history and financial strength, please visit:

    Please click here for the Illinois DOI issued Bulletin 2017-03 regarding the Governor's declaration of Cook, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties as state disaster areas issued July 17, 2017.

    **For all states but NY

    **Coverage with Medical Protective is offered through MedPro Provider Solutions, Inc. (“MPS”), a risk purchasing group and affiliate of Medical Protective. By payment of your policy premium, you will be joining as a member of MPS.

    Health & Wellness Program FAQs
    What is Professional Liability Insurance?

    Sometimes it’s called Malpractice Insurance, or Errors and Omissions coverage, but they all mean the same thing. Essentially it is coverage for allegations of negligent acts, errors or omissions resulting from the occupation covered. Since we live in litigious times it is important to protect your livelihood.

    What do the “Limits of Liability” mean?

    The first number (“Per Incident” or “Per Occurrence”) refers to the maximum amount that can be paid as “damages” for any single claim. The second number (“Aggregate”) refers to the total amount that can be paid for all claims during the policy period (in our case, the “policy period” = 1 year).

    What is the policy term / length of the policy?

    The policy term is one year with a one-time payment upon application. We do not offer month-to-month policy coverage OR payments. Please note that our policies DO NOT auto-renew and we require you to re-apply every year.

    When can my coverage become effective?

    New applicants may request an effective date as soon as the date the online application is completed and up to 120 days into the future. Effective dates cannot be backdated.

    Is the coverage “Occurrence” or “Claims Made”?

    The policy is issued on an Occurrence basis. This means that if there is a claim or suit against you, as long as you were insured at the time of the incident that resulted in the claim or suit, this policy will still apply.

    A Claims-Made policy will cover claims that occur while the policy is in effect. If policy holders wish to extend the amount of time they can report a claim after the policy expiration date, they will need to purchase what is known as “tail coverage” or an “Extended Reporting Period”.

    Is there any coverage for the premises where I am seeing clients?

    The policy includes Premises Liability Coverage for damages resulting from bodily injury. Visit program highlights for more details.

    Can I add a Certificate holder or additional insured to my policy?

    You can add certificate holders and/or additional insureds to your policy.

    Certificate holders are entities that request to be listed on your certificate of insurance, but have no actual vicarious coverage under your policy. You may add certificate holders during the application process.

    Additional insureds are usually landlords, employers or contracting agencies. Adding them to your policy gives that entity vicarious protection under your policy. To add an additional insured, please email with the entities name, address, and the nature of your professional relationship to them.

    If I hold multiple certifications, do I need separate policies for each certification?

    If you hold multiple fitness certifications, you can request to add the additional occupations to your policy and do not need to maintain a separate policy for each certification. To add an additional occupation, please email, after you have applied for your policy.

    However, if you hold an additional certification or licensure that falls within the scope of one of our other programs, such as Life/Health Coach or Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist you would need to maintain a separate policy to cover those modalities.

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