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Apply Online

To apply online you must meet the following criteria. You must:

  1. Have a valid e-mail address. Your proof of coverage and policy information will be automatically sent to the e-mail address provided on your application.
  2. Pay for coverage with a VISA or MASTERCARD. Debit cards with a VISA or MASTERCARD logo are accepted. All other credit cards are not accepted.
  3. Purchase individual insurance. Group entity/corporate/non-profit coverage is only available by paper application at this time.

Please note: Only Landlords, Employers, Supervisors, Agencies Contracting with, and Property Managers may be added as Additional Insureds in the online applications. All others require additional underwriting and will be prevented from completing the online submission.

If you do not meet ALL of these criteria, click here for Printable Forms.

Step 1: New or Renewal?

Do you have a current policy with CPH and Associates?
Policies that have expired within 30 days are eligible for renewal.

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